HVAC Technician

Duties and Resposibilites
  • Perform periodic preventive maintenance schedule of HVAC, AC, Chiller.
  • Routine inspection and repair of HVAC, AC, Chiller.
  • Ensure that all operation and maintenance activities are properly recorded and documented.
  • Response to emergency and breakdowns.
  • Execute the work order issued by superiors with specified standards.
  • Ensure all portable equipment are in correct order and use safely.
  • Assist to perform the electrical, mechanical and plumbing and others when and where required.
  • Advises Facilities / Technical Supervisor concerning major repairs / changes required.
  • Monitor the performance and adjust HVAC, AC, Chiller equipment to obtain maximum efficiency.
  • Conduct trouble shoot/diagnose and repair faulty operations of HVAC, AC, Chiller units such as:
  • Air handling units
  • Fresh air & exhaust fan units
  • A/C split & packaged type units
  • A/C window type units
  • Centrifugal pumps